Protect Those Who Protect Us: a Thank You

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We love our customers, but there are moments when we are also extremely proud of them… this is one of those times.

During the holidays, we ran a promotion around Protect Those Who Protect Us. We gave everyone purchasing a case through a choice of charity they wanted a portion of the purchase price to go to. Charities included Wounded Warrior Project, UNICEF and Homes for Heroes Foundation. Each organization provides needed resources for our community, protecting those who are in need, protecting our country or protecting those faced with emergency situations.

We are pleased to announce that our total donation to these organizations during this two week period was over $97,000. Because of your donations, these organizations were able to provide needed assistance where before they would have had to turn someone away.

In a letter from Homes for Heroes Foundation, director Ruth Johnson says: “Words cannot express our gratitude to OtterBox for selecting the Homes for Heroes Foundation to be the recipient of such a sizable and generous donation from your online sales. In this current economy charitable donations are down. We struggle daily to honor requests for assistance from our heroes in need. We are excited that these funds will lessen this struggle and that many more heroes can be helped. Just today, the Foundation wrote a sizeable check to a disabled veteran to save his home.”

This veteran’s wife was kind enough to share her story: “My husband was deployed overseas three times. When he came home from his last deployment, he was sick, and unable to work. We were two months behind in our mortgage. I applied to Homes for Heroes Foundation for financial assistance. Thank you very much for helping my family during our time of need. The people at Homes for Heroes Foundation are indeed heroes for easing some of the pressure.”

Thanks really goes to you, all of our customers who purchased during this time. You truly helped protect those who sacrifice so much to keep all of us safe.

If you are interested in finding out more about these organizations or providing additional assistance for their amazing work, please click on the links above to go to their websites.

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