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Meet the Roberts family. A family of five, the Roberts reside in Loveland, Colo. After having two biological children, the Roberts family adopted a third to make their family complete — Justin.

photo 4Over the next few years, the Roberts family noticed that Justin’s development, health and behavior differed from the other two children. At age three, he was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Sensory Processing Disorder. Because Justin was adopted privately the Roberts are not eligible for governmental support services and are on a nine-year waiting list to receive services through the State of Colorado.

Through a private donation, the Roberts received an iPad to assist in their efforts to help Justin expand his motor and cognitive skills. Research shows children with Autism Spectrum Disorder learn through digital media in ways that they otherwise could not through traditional education methods.

As much as the Roberts loved their iPad, one element was missing: protection. At four-years-old, Justin has incomprehensible amounts of energy. Regardless, the family saw immense success with the iPad, but a traditional cover was not going to cut it to keep this iPad safe.

photoAfter putting in a request through OtterBox’s product donation page, OtterBox was able to donate a Defender Series for Justin’s iPad to aid the family in Justin’s learning journey.

“Justin has put its durability to the test. It has been dropped out of the car, dropped out of a shopping cart, had juice spilled on it, it’s gone camping and was even thrown against the wall. Despite all of that, Justin’s iPad is still in perfect condition,” said Lisa Roberts, Justin’s mother. “We now have freedom to leave our home for many adventures because instead of melting down and screaming in public, Justin is content to sit and play with his protected iPad.”

OtterBox is honored to receive thousands of requests for product donations each year and thrilled to help hundreds of non-profit causes, such as the Roberts family. For more information on the product donation process and eligibility requirements, visit the product donations page on

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