#protectme means what?

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Love to get in line early, camp out overnight and be one of the first to get the latest Apple device? Us too. In fact, we’ll be getting in line plenty early for the Apple iPhone 5 at the Manhattan Apple Store. That’s right, NEW YORK CITY!

Join us as it will be an awesome night and we’ll be making it even better with a few perks. We’ll keep mum on those for now, but what you should know is it’ll be worth your while to be one of the people in line.

We’re all about protecting your precious phone for your always-on life. From 2:00 pm-10:00 am of Sept. 20 to 21, we’re going to be all about protecting you while you wait in line to purchase the iPhone 5. If you happen to be in line, you can post a tweet on Twitter using the hashtag #protectme along with what you need and we’ll do our best to fulfill your wish. (Sorry, we can’t bring you a new device or alcohol.)

Find us in #NYC or follow the fun with us on Twitter and Facebook. Yay for a new iPhone!!

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