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With the release of our Anthem Collection cases, thousands of Americans are proudly displaying their pride with their smartphones. This new collection includes brilliant designs from our talented in-house designers. Part of the hype around the Anthem Collection came from our sponsorship of three U.S. Team hopefuls who have recently competed in the preliminaries. When asked why they were proud to be an American, they had this to say:

Brian Trainor – Discus

“I’m proud to be an American because I am in a country where I am limited only by my willingness to work hard. I can pick anything in the world I want to do and do it. In track you have to decide if you want to keep competing after college and then the only real goal is making the U.S. Team so it’s an all or nothing moment.”

Brian fought hard while pursuing his dream and finished a little short of his goal of placing in the discus event. His hard work and dedication definitely shined while at the Trials with an impressive best throw of 57.35m. Congrats to Brian!

Drew Loftin – Hammer Throw

“I am proud to be an American because I live in a country that protects the freedom of its people. A country willing to defend human rights and independence across all nations. The only athletic goal I have had over the past four years of training was to become a representative for the United States of America.”

Drew came in just shy of his goal taking 5th place in the event with a high mark of 70.82m. We are very proud of Drew and wish him the best of luck in his next competition and all he does.

Janay DeLoach – Long Jump

“Considering I am a child of a retired Chief Master Sergeant in the United States Air Force, I have a different view of what it means to be an American. I know what it takes to serve this country and I, who in a sense have served via my father, am proud because no matter where I go, no matter who I talk with, I am and always will be an American citizen. I’ve been to a lot of places around the world in the past few years, and there is nothing like freedom to choose what I want to do when I want to do it. There is nothing like huge comfy furniture, American antics and that laid back feel (particularly here where I live). So opened minded are the people I surround myself with and I am proud to represent a country that  supports the things that I love most.”

When we got news of Janay’s 1st place jump at the Trials we were ecstatic. With an impressive jump of 7.15m Janay blew away her competition, securing a spot on the U.S. Team. Stay tuned as Janay’s story unfolds.

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