Pushing the limits: The 2012 Thunder Challenge

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Otters are getting extreme this weekend. On August 4 a group of us will be heading down to Larkspur, Colo. for a day of intense activities. The Thunder Challenge is a 10K run with 20+ military special operations style obstacles — mud pits, ice baths and more. For extra motivation and assistance U.S. Navy SEALs and Special Forces soldiers will man the course. As they say on their website, “Tough is only the beginning.”

While I’m expecting to walk more than run, I am also hoping to actually finish the race. This will be my first 10K and I admittedly am not in the best running shape but I am determined to get out there and finish the race. Stay tuned for a follow up from us, which will include footage from our GoPro camera that will give you a true first-person experience of this intense event.

I’m pretty stoked that this is a military event because I really want to show off my Anthem Collection case to the SEALs and Special Forces guys. We created the collection to show our love for our great country and it’s great people, especially the men and women who serve in our armed forces.

If you want to push your limits, the Thunder Challenge will be heading to Pittsburgh, PA and Southern California later this year. Head over and check out their schedule for full details. Check out the Thunder Challenge preview for a sneak peek of the event.

Wish us luck!

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