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Have you had your blood pressure checked lately or do you know what your blood pressure should be? Don’t worry, this year World Health Day on  April 7 is focused on reducing high blood pressure (hypertension). The campaign sets out to grow awareness around the causes and risks associated with hypertension. OtterBox is here to support World Health Day by offering you some simple tips, advice, and some app recommendations which can help you and your family to live a healthier life … and who knows you may reach that beach body you’re striving for!

What is blood pressure? This is the force of the blood as it travels through the arteries, 120/80 is considered normal but once you enter the 140/90 range you are in Stage 1 of hypertension  and should consult your doctor.

The following tips will aid you in reducing or maintaining your blood pressure:

  • Think twice about adding salt to your food as there is generally enough in it.
  • Keep your plate balanced with an even amount of meat and vegetables.
  • Don’t go overboard on your alcohol intake, less than 14 units per week.
  • Make an active choice and try to walk or cycle to the shops and work. A simple change like using the stairs more often could be just what you need – you will increase your fitness and feel great.
  • If you smoke then say no to that cigarette break and focus on giving up.

We’ve pulled together some great apps to help you manage your blood pressure and maybe shed a few pounds at the same time.

Smart Blood Pressure

This app allows you to record, track and analyze your blood pressure information very easily. With this app you will always understand your blood pressure and be able to set achievable goals.

My Fitness Pal

Enter your weight and height and your exercise regime and My Fitness Pal will provide you with a calorie counter. This will help in preparing balanced meals and tracking your fitness progress. Wow a virtual personal fitness trainer in your phone.

Endomondo Sports Tracker

Have you been thinking of hiring a personal trainer or joining the gym? Before making a big investment like this, check out the Endomondo Sports Tracker app. This app turns your phone into a personal trainer that doesn’t scream at you but instead tracks your exercise and offers you real time feedback. If you still need extra motivation then your friends can give you a motivational speech while you exercise through the app. Remember your smartphone is delicate so be sure it is well protected with our Defender Series while you exercise. Alternatively, if you’re training in extreme environments check out our Armor Series.

With this advice and apps you are all set to work on your blood pressure and if you’re really motivated you might even achieve that elusive beach body.



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