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Graduation is on its way and after 13 years of school, you’re ready to leave the nest and head off to college. Mom and dad bought you a new smartphone and will be sending you off into the wilderness of adulthood. How will you survive without them? Apps, my friend, apps. I’ve compiled a list of apps that will help you find your new party pad, keep your money straight for all of those new expenses you didn’t know you had and land some part-time work in between classes. Take a look and get a head start on your newfound independence!

Get a haircut and get a real job!

CareerBuilder: This app was the first of its kind to give you access to thousands of jobs in your area. Looking for part-time work? Looking for a temp job or internship? CareerBuilder can help you search, find and apply for your new job or steppingstone into your future career. Available for iOS, Google Play Interviews: So you applied for a job and you got an interview. Now what do you do? Pick up’s Interview app, the ultimate tool to help you through the job interview process. This step-by-step guide provides advice and coaching through every stage of a job interview. With this app you will have all the tools, tips and reminders you’ll need on the big day, as well as a complete guide for post-interview follow-up. Available for iOS, Google Play

Give mom and dad a break and GET OUT! You’ve been living under mom and dad’s wing for 18 years and it’s time to let them turn your bedroom into that home gym they’ve always wanted. The app makes it easy to find the right apartment. Use the GPS feature to search for available apartments nearby. Call to set up an appointment or browse photos, floor-plans and walk though videos. Detailed search filters let you focus on what’s important to you — finding that perfect place for your first rager. Available for iOS, Google Play

Rentals: Whether you’re looking to find homes, apartments, condos, townhouses, or other properties to rent, this is a great place to start. Unlike most of the other options, Rentals covers more than just apartments, giving you a lot more options if you are looking for something larger so you can start your own fraternity or sorority. Available for iOS, Google Play

Manage your cash (or lack thereof) Your parents opened up a new checking account so their baby has some spending cash. You can’t manage a checkbook to save your life so grab this app for a helping hand. You can do everything from adding transactions, balancing your checkbook, viewing reports, checking your balances, looking at your budget and more. Available for iOS, Google Play One of my favorites. This app gives you some really cool tools to manage your budget, keep an eye on your cash and other assets and plan for your first trip to Lake Havasu for Spring Break. Available for iOS, Google Play

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