Resurgence Power Case Instagram Contest: How do you #Recharge?

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Let’s face it. We all live busy lives trying to balance work and play — and everything in between. By the end of a busy work day it’s difficult to find that boost to keep you going. When I get off work, I like to #recharge with a nice run or a pick-up soccer game. Staying active after work keeps me energized and ready to go all evening.

Of course, the same goes for our phones. If I don’t constantly have my iPhone 5s on a charger throughout my workday, I know it won’t last me through the evening. And we’ve all seen the sorry folks who desperately scavenge for outlets at the airport — trust me you don’t want to put yourself through that.

That’s why OtterBox created the Resurgence Series Power Case. Resurgence will be there to recharge your device. What would you do with more power? Worry less? Accomplish more? Energized by a 2,000 mAh lithium ion battery, Resurgence packs more power into one slim case. Oh yeah — it also has military rated drop protection.

So how do YOU #recharge? Tag your Instagram photos with #recharge and #ResurgencePower for a chance to win your own Resurgence power case! Check out our Terms and Conditions here. 

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