Running Rampant – 5 Apps to Keep You Going

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As a beginner myself, I have come to accept that no matter how experienced you are, every runner is still “preparing.” Whether it’s solely for personal exercise or training for a marathon — finding motivation to train can be a daunting task.

Running can be an intimidating exercise, so try out these apps to help you set your own personal pace, goals, routes and much more.

1. RunKeeper

RunKeeper recently acquired some new features above and beyond just tracking your performance. Useful for walking, running and cycling, RunKeeper recently implemented a Goal Coach that intelligently combines everything it knows about you and others to create a tailored plan for your individual lifestyle. One of RunKeeper’s developers found that “… users who complete their goal attain 50% more miles and 30% more workouts per moth than those who don’t.” They also started using Breeze — which keeps track of your regular, day-to-day activity while offering encouragement.

2. Endomondo

This running app gives you a special community feel with an updating “news feed” where Endomondo and other community runners can post, comment and share updates, tips, questions, etc. This app also allows you to run various fitness tests including a: 1-mile, 2-mile, 12 minute running test and a 1-mile walk test. These results populate a fitness score that corresponds with a specific fitness level as well as other details to help find the perfect workout regimen for you.

3. Runtastic

Runtastic is full of the basics for your workout including: distance, duration, calories, average pace, training plans, and it holds a library of your running history. Like many of the apps out there Runtastic gives you options of a variety of different voice coaches as well as their Story Running. Story Running is an innovative approach to exercising. These motivational stories are read aloud during your run to help keep up your interval training, as well as give you a natural sense of urgency and natural sounds. Before you know it you’ll be finished with your run!

4. Strava Run

Similar to all the others, Strava Run tracks your distance and other metrics, which is really just the beginning of this app. I really enjoy the “Ongoing and Upcoming Challenges” that reflect a variety of different goals. One current example is: “How many kilometers can you run this April?” After you join a challenge you enjoy you can record your distance (and other needed metrics) and keep watch on the leaderboard. This app also has a segment detailer that displays as a visual map, which includes previously created routes around a specific area. You can also keep tabs on how fast others have run the segment — great for setting your own goals!

5. Nike+ Running

With the basic running metrics set aside, one of Nike+ Running app’s most engaging functions is real-time cheering. After you post your running start on Facebook or Path, each like, smile, or comment will echo a real-time cheer.  Want to let everyone know how hard you really worked? It’s easy using customizable tools to modify photos from your run with specific additions such as your route, time, etc. as well as adding the lovely Nike Swoosh in the picture.

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Other Running Motivation

Need a race to start training for? Check out these fun races to get you started.

And if you need more excitement to help you get off the couch, check out some new interactive running apps like: Zombies, Run! With over 160+ gripping missions, “Zombie Chase” training is an awesome way to run faster and further than ever before!

Most of these apps offer quick 8-week training programs, which race will you run first?

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