Samsung GALAXY Gear – review of this powerful smartwatch

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The Galaxy Gear is Samsung’s first venture into smartwatch territory, and as with most things Samsung does, it’s impressive. As far as smartwatch compatibility, the Gear is designed as a companion device and can be tied to the Galaxy Note 3 or the Note 10.1. This move makes sense for Samsung — why not tie your new ultra-portable wristwatch-with-brains to some of the largest devices on the market? That being said, Galaxy Gear is no small fashion accessory. With a relatively large touchscreen, power button and a camera — you will definitely feel a constant reminder of the powerful electronic brain attached to your wrist.



Picture taking abilities

For such a small device, Galaxy Gear packs quite a bit of resolution into the camera featuring 1392 x 1392 capability. You can also use the watch to capture a 15 second 720p video clip. The camera is built fairly inconspicuously into the watch strap, so you can take photos and videos quickly and easily. Now compare that to the Nokia you had a few years ago which lacked even a colored screen, not to mention a camera, and you have quite an impressive gadget on your hands … or wrists.


The technology inside

Arguably the biggest draw for the Galaxy Gear smartwatch is its Bluetooth connectivity. Now, you can send and receive phone calls with your watch. This straight-out-of-the-future technology can be utilized with a touch screen prompt, or S Voice command (thanks to two microphones and a loudspeaker which are ALSO packed into the watch.) The one thing we would like to see from this fantastic innovation in the future, is a little more independence. At the moment, Galaxy Gear can only be updated using your Note 3 or Tab 10.1 Gear Manager app. While this isn’t a huge drawback, it would be nice to see this sweet technology move from companion device, to rock star — Robin to Batman, leading role.

We are excited to see the evolution of the smartwatch industry, and we hope you enjoyed our smartwatch review. We see big plans for Galaxy Gear in the future. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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