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Since our last S4 blog back in April, ‘Samsung GALAXY S4, is it the right phone for you?’, you may have managed to get your hands on what is notably one of the most impressive Android devices yet. Do you love your new phone but need some added help to really come to grips with all it has to offer? Here are some tips and tricks on how to get the most from your super smart, shiny new GALAXY S4:

POB-IMG-061113-GALAXY-S4-TIPS-01Quick Settings Panel

The Quick Settings Panel gives you fast and easy access to a host of impressive features. Pull down the notifications bar on your screen and you will see a list of five ‘Quick Settings’ toggles. In this area your choice of ‘Quick Settings’ buttons and the order in which they appear can be customized easily. Simply click the grid icon in the top-right corner of the screen and select the pen. You can rearrange the buttons by pressing and dragging them into your preferred arrangement.


The ultimate tool for multi-taskers, the S4 incorporates the Multi-Window mode originally made famous by the Samsung Galaxy Note. This allows you to run two apps at once, each taking up a portion of your screen. Just hold down the ‘back’ button to access the multi-window menu, which will show on the left-hand side of the screen. Slide this menu out and choose which apps you would like to run at the same time.

POB-IMG-061113-GALAXY-S4-TIPS-03Air Gesture

The futuristic Air Gesture feature of the Samsung GALAXY S4 is a personal favorite of mine. In ‘Settings’, simply enable the air gesture toggle, then when your phone rings swipe the palm of your hand over the screen to answer it! This brings a task as simple as answering your phone to a whole new level of ‘cool.’

You can also view notifications using air gesture. Go to the ‘Air Gesture’ setting and enable ‘Quick Glance.’ Then when your phone is lying flat just wave your palm over the screen to see your missed calls, messages and check your remaining battery life.

Smart Screen

The Smart Screen feature of the S4 means that the phone knows exactly where your vision moves to and when you are looking at it! Smart Screen settings include:

  • Smart Stay – the screen stays on as long as you are looking at it.
  • Smart Rotation – screen display direction adjusts to your angle of sight.
  • Smart Pause – video will pause when the device detects that you are facing away from the screen.
  • Smart Scroll – when your eyes have been detected the device will scroll according to the angle that you tilt your head.

You can easily pick and choose between the Smart Screen features by going to Quick Settings in the notifications bar or by going to: Settings > My Device > Smart Screen.

There are many more exciting features and functions that the Life Companion has made possible. What have you discovered? While enjoying your prized Samsung GALAXY S4 take care to protect it with one of our many OtterBox cases.

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