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I’ve been sort of at a loss this week for thinking up something to write about. After three weeks of guests we’ve been really low key have hardly cooked at all. Salads and leftovers have ruled for us so far this week. But, I realized I’d like to find new options that are easy to prep, carry over and cook on the grill at the pool.

With that goal in mind I did some searching online for summer food trends. Investigating one of the first results I was instantly drawn to this recipe for Key West Chicken. It is perfect because A) Key West is a place I’ve always wanted to visit and B) it is really easy to prep and cook at the pool.

That made me think it would be fun to search for recipes with names of some of my favorite places in them. And it was! Check out what I found:

Savannah, Georgia: Savannah Cheesecake Cookies from none other than Paula Deen. I just love her cooking because it includes a stick of butter in everything. I know she’s getting healthy these days, but I still love her decadent recipes and this one sounds incredible.

New Orleans, Louisiana: Jazzy New Orleans Chicken is a great name and the dish sounds amazing. I just love New Orleans cooking. From jambalaya to gumbo to etoufee and muffalettas, I love to visit there and to make all of these things at home too. Now I think this jazzy chicken will be on my regular list of New Orleans dishes.

Santa Fe, New Mexico: Zucchini Santa Fe couldn’t be simpler, but sounds amazing. As does the Santa Fe Burger from Bobby Flay. Plus the queso sauce will make a great dip.

Southern California: I first searched for Newport Beach and then Huntington Beach recipes without finding anything interesting. But searching for Southern California dished up this great recipe for Southern California Crepes. This sounds sooooo good and makes me want to sit outside under an umbrella eating along the boardwalk enjoying a light breeze and waves crashing just across the sand.

Ah geez, now I really want to travel!

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