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“It takes all kinds,” they say. My kind like it shiny. We see the glint of the sun in a darkened window, and the way the light dances on the surface of the river. We’re entranced by the flicker of candlelight, and distracted by the glow of a full moon. We love the gilt of turned Aspen trees, and the way a soft snowfall just glitters …

And we dig bling. How could we not? It’s wearable shiny.

Needless to say, when Apple released their new iPhone 5s in gold, silver, and space gray, I was pretty excited. Firstly, I have an affinity for calling smartphones “spacephones.” It makes absolute sense for my fancy phone to exactly match my vocabulary. And silver? That’s a classy, understated, polished shimmer. Divine. Now gold — GOLD! My eyes are watering from the brilliance.

It’s difficult to know that, despite my attraction to bling, I’m incredibly hard on nice things. But I don’t want to cover up all of that beautiful shiny. Conundrum? Not exactly.


Reflex Series Case

OtterBox offers the Reflex Series case for the new iPhone 5s in clear. Happy Day! The Reflex Series is quite honestly my favorite case. It’s easy to slide on and off for docking when I want to jam out, it’s thin and sleek, and it has these great air pockets in the corners of the case that deflect impact away from the actual device.

Clearly Protected

Our Clearly Protected line of screen protectors is absolutely fabulous. They’re durable, smudge free, scratch-resistant and case compatible. There are three varieties currently available for the iPhone 5s:

  • • Clean — with a matte finish to reduce glare (for those who don’t want to take the glimmer away from the phone itself)
  • • Vibrant — has impact protection and a glossy finish that preserves the sharpness of the display (and complements the phone’s inherent personality)
  • • Privacy — made from premium quadlaminar polyester, this keeps the screen private from every angle (so we don’t need to disclose to the world our next sparkly purchase … until we’re setting the next trend)


With these options available I’m confident that my phone will stay protected, and I can still show off my bling.


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