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If you’re anything like me, you’re constantly on the go.

Whether I’m headed to work, downtown with friends or on my way to the gym, I always seem to have too much with me. I lose my keys, drop my credit card, or break something expensive that I’m carrying on a pretty regular basis. It starts to get embarrassing after calling the third store in a row asking if that’s where I left my credit card behind.


The Commuter Series Wallet by OtterBox was designed for people like me, always having too many irons in the fire. The Commuter Series Wallet was designed to Simplify.

The Commuter Series Wallet keeps my life simple by providing an exterior storage spot on my smartphone case, all while remaining discreet and fashionable. The storage compartment slides out and carries up to three cards, locking in place so I know my credit card is secure.

What you need to know

iPhone 5/5s: Black, Glacier, Primrose: $44.95

Samsung Galaxy S4: Black, Glacier, Primrose: $44.95

As my Galaxy S4 never leaves my side, I now am confident my credit card and driver’s license won’t either. The Commuter Series Wallet is now available on Now grab your essentials, and go.

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