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Remember when you counted on your friends to deliver new music to you, growing up? Maybe your friends would copy a mix tape for you to introduce you to Bel Biv Devoe for the first time? BTW, you just got Poisoned. Your buddy tossed in the Temple of the Dog CD and melted your mind with the double lead of Vedder and Cornell. Slacker Radio is your cool friend that knows the hottest new music today.

Real DJs

I’m a music guy. Typically, I’ll consume about two hours of TV per week, but I listen to thousands of songs a month. Slacker is my music loving friend that knows all the rad new tracks. They aren’t locked down in the way FM radio is with FCC regulations nor do they have the restrictions of needing to play widely popular music, though, it’s available if that’s what you want. The team there loves music and has hired DJs that have been instrumental in delivering to the masses. One of the Slacker DJs was the dude who introduced Seattle to Nirvana.

Gobs of Audio

Have you found other music apps that you enjoy but keep hearing the same song over and over again? Part of Slacker’s appeal is their huge music catalog. They brag it’s ten times larger than Pandora’s. Beyond just music that is curated by real people, preventing Wild Cub from being played on a station with Bob Dylan, you can stream American Public Media and comedy stations. If you don’t like what you’re hearing, Slacker Radio Basic (free) allows for six song skips per hour per station. If you choose to upgrade to Plus ($3.99/mo) or Premium ($9.99/mo), you get unlimited skips, ESPN Radio, and ABC News. Though the BlackBerry app isn’t completely built out yet, I anticipate that Slacker Radio Premium’s station caching, where you can save a station for offline use, will be available later. You can see other feature differences between Basic, Plus and Premium, including playing albums on demand for Premium subscribers here.

How Slacker Changed My Life

I had become my parents, listening to only music that I had listened to growing up in high school and college. Sure, my choices were guilty pleasures that included Third Eye Blind, Our Lady Peace, Matchbox Twenty, Stone Temple Pilots and Vertical Horizon, but I loved the tracks. I found modern music frustrating, repetitive and boring. Where had all the great bands gone? Slacker helped modernize my music tastes by wooing me to new bands through their Alternative and Indie Hits. In 2012 & 2013, I committed to not only discovering new music but seeing these bands live. Since I live an hour away from Austin, these bands came close to my home and I was able to enjoy them the same way I had done with bands of my youth. I directly credit the team at Slacker for turning me on to bands that I saw in concert including Passion Pit , Wolf Gang, Cold War Kids , The Shins and Delta Spirit.

If your heart beats to the rhythm of music in your life, be sure to check out Slacker Radio for your BlackBerry. Discover new music that you can get excited about and become the tastemaker for your friends. Don’t forget to reconnect with your roots. A little air drumming to Smashing Pumpkins at a dinner party while listening to 90’s Alternative  is a fun way to break the ice between appetizers and the main course.

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