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The wait is over! Today Apple announced the new iPad mini and it looks great! If you haven’t been following, we’ve been tracking the rumors from all over the web to bring you all the news regarding this anticipated device. The new device will be available for pre-order on 10/26 and the Wi-Fi version will begin to ship on 11/2 with the cellular version shipping 2 weeks later. And guess what … we’ve got a Defender Series available for pre-order now! Check out the list of rumors and find out whether or not they panned out.

The iPad mini will have a 7.85” screen.

Close … The iPad mini will have a 7.9″ inch screen Multi-Touch Retina display and it looks gorgeous. The screen resolution will be the same as the 10 inch version at 1024 x 768.

The iPad mini will have a thinner bezel around the screen.

 True. The bezel is a bit thinner than the previous version.

The iPad mini will feature an A5 processor.

 True. The iPad mini will be similar to the iPad 2 with a blazing fast A5 processor.

The iPad mini will feature the new Lightning port.

True. Like the iPhone 5, the iPad mini will feature the new Lightning port.

The iPad mini will have larger speakers.

Unconfirmed. There was no mention of a larger speaker.

The iPad mini’s headphone jack will stay on the top of the device.

True. The headphone jack did not get moved to the bottom of the device.

The iPad mini will feature LTE technology.

True. The iPad mini will come in both Wi-Fi only and LTE options.

The iPad mini will be Wi-Fi only.

False. See above.

The iPad mini will be around $300.

 True. The iPad mini will start at $329.

Other specs:

7.2mm  thick

.68 pounds

FaceTime HD camera

5MP iSight camera with 1080p recording

In addition to the iPad mini announcement, Apple also released info and specs for the Fourth Generation iPad with Retina display. This upgraded device will feature an A6X  chip that is up to twice as fast as the previous A5X chip. If you are thinking about picking one of these devices, our Defender Series for iPad 2/new iPad will be compatible with this device.



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