Smartphone or Wingman?

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Dating Help

In need of some dating help this Valentine’s Day? Look no further than your loyal and trusty wingman … your smartphone that is. Here are some apps to get you ready for the holiday of love.

Pick Up Lines: “If you took 11 roses and stood in front of the mirror, you’d see 12 of the most beautiful things in the world.” If you liked that line, there’s more where that came from. Cheesy one-liners are not just for fifth-grade boys anymore, men and women are using them to break the ice when talking to their next potential partner. If you’re on the hunt this Valentine’s Day, don’t leave the house without the Pick Up Line app. Available on Android or ios

Girlfriend Keeper: It’s the thought that counts, right? Don’t miss another birthday, anniversary or just a chance to remind them how much you care. With Girlfriend Keeper you can set automatic reminders that will send your special someone a sweet note about how you can’t believe you’ve been together for 53 days 4 hours 52 minutes and 8 seconds. All you need to do is put in your relationship details and your romantic thoughts will be sent with no thought at all. Available on ios

Pocket Kamasutra: If you already have a steamy love to accompany you on National Love Day 2013 then you should be prepared with the Pocket Kamasutra. The Pocket Kamasutra takes you and your partner through a series of questions to find the perfect answer to what you should do Valentine’s Day evening.  Spice things up a bit with some excitement in the bedroom, your partner will thank you. Available for ios and Android


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