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marcona almondsOnce a week here at work there are baskets filled with free fruit for all to enjoy. I have to say I love having these healthy snacks around to just grab on the way to a meeting or when I’m racing back to my desk to meet my next deadline.

But, with this awesome free snack comes the question of what to pair with a fresh apple. pear or banana. I got into the habit of pairing a protein with a carb when I was pregnant with my son and still really like the practice.

When I grab an apple, I like to have a 1 oz. pack of peanuts or handful of roasted, salted pumpkin seeds.

With a banana, I like the peanuts too, but also love roasted, unsalted almonds. The team thinks I’m nuts for liking the unsalted, roasted version, but I think they are awesome.

With a pear I really love marcona almonds. They are awesome. And, I do admit I like the marconas with salt.

What are your favorite protein and fruit pairings?

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