Some people call me a hipster. I prefer independent.

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Hey. The holidays are a capitalistic nightmare but they’re not going away, right? Well, hey. I’m Hayden. In my mind I’m undefined-able, but I guess some would call me a hipster (is it the Warby Parkers that gave me away?). In the coming weeks, when I’m not learning the ukulele, planning a seven course vegan meal, or trying to get into some skinny jeans, I’m gonna help you get through the holidays in one piece so we can both get back to quoting Thoreau. Keep an eye out in the coming weeks for holiday shopping organizers, deck gift ideas, party themes and even holiday music you can condescend with your friends about. I’m more valuable to you than a sixer of Bronsons, so wrap me in an OtterBox, and hold tight to the fact that Bonnaroo is coming!

Let’s talk about me some more. Here’s what I’m into:

  • Finding vintage shops my friends haven’t found yet.
  • Cooking vegan
  • Plastic camera photography
  • Working words like EPIC into my everyday vernacular
  • Keeping my legs skinny
  • Reading Quinoa for Dummies
  • Spending time on McSweeny’s
  • Looking androgynous

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