Southwestern Jambalaya

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The other night we didn’t really know what to make for dinner, but something soup-like sounded good. We decided to take what we could find in the fridge and toss that in a pot with lots of green chili. What we ended up with was incredible and I’m calling it Southwestern Jambalaya.

We had about 3 cups of chopped green chili that we first tossed into the pot. We covered that with water and I chopped four chicken breasts into chunks. I added those to the pot and also about two cups of homemade pinto beans. We then threw in a can of diced tomatoes and chicken broth power to taste. After bringing to a boil we added 1.75 cups of rice and let it simmer until the rice was cooked. We should have probably only used one cup of rice because our soup became stew, but it was awesome!

I’ve been enjoying this new concoction for lunch all week and haven’t tired of it yet.

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