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Excitement is building and the rumors mills are in full effect. iPad 3 is on its way, but when? If you haven’t seen any of the chatter, everyone is guessing that March will be the month for launch. Historically, this makes sense as the iPad and iPad 2 were announced around the same time in 2010 and 2011 respectively. Apple is secretive, but almost predictable. They have been pretty consistent with updating their mobile products in 12 month intervals, so my guess is in line with the speculations around the web. Join us each week as we recap the latest rumors around the much anticipated iPad 3.

Here are the latest rumors that stood out from the rest:

  • iLounge says that most of the changes we will see are more cosmetic, with a slightly thicker design (only about 1 mm). The camera in the top left corner is also expected to be a bit larger than the iPad 2 and similar to the improved camera featured on the iPhone 4S. These changes are so modest that Apple could easily call this device the “iPad 2S” or “iPad 2HD.” It has also been rumored that the next-generation iPad will have a high-resolution screen – possibly even double dpi and a stronger interior. The changes to the screen and major changes to the guts of the device might justify the name “iPad 3.”
  • According to rumblings around the web, the iPad 3 will have LTE capability. This will give the new iPad crazy fast download speeds if you are on a plan with AT&T or Verizon and happen to live in a city that offers the LTE service.
  • If what we are hearing is true, the iPad 3 FaceTime camera will be able to take HD video. This would eliminate the grainy look you see in low light.

We will have more next week so keep an eye out for more rumors!


A source claiming to be in possession of an iPad 3 prototype provided Boy Genius Reports with images containing details about Apple’s highly anticipated third-generation tablet. Included in the photos is, for the first time, confirmation of which processor Apple will be using in the iPad 3: an A6 processor. The new processor will also apparently be a quad-core model, making the upcoming iPad 3 the fastest iOS device ever.

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