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Everyone has their own way of avoiding bad luck, a trait most apparent in sports fandom. Some superstitions are weirder than others, but they all have firm believers. We put together a few of the best, let us know which ones you follow!

 Never speak during a no-hitter

This superstition only applies to baseball, but it’s an important one. As this superstition goes, when the team has a chance at a no-hitter, under no circumstances are you speak those sacred words. Even whispering “no-hitter” to your BFF in excitement can supposedly upset the universe enough to ruin it for your team, and the entire fan base. Seems like a lot of pressure for that many people.

 Same pre-meal game

Some superstitions can be more fun than others. This particular superstition is shared by both players and fans. What’s the harm in devouring two cookies and a cheeseburger every Sunday, anyway? I know I’d do anything to help our chances to win and I’m glad to take this one for the team, so-to-speak. Missing your own pre-game meal? Check out our latest grilling blog for some ideas.

 Avoid favorite players in fantasy leagues

Fantasy leaguesare a great way to stay involved in your favorite sport. The danger here is how tempting it is to pick your favorites first. According to this superstition, selecting your favorite player almost certainly dooms them to a terrible season. At the end of the day it’s a lose-lose situation with this one, either your fantasy team suffers, or your number one player does.

 Don’t wash the jersey

This one applies especially during a winning streak – washing your favorite jersey will not only kill a winning streak, but curse the team for the remaining games. While it may not make you or any of your friends happy – at least not any that are in close proximity – it’s one of the more common superstitions. We just hope for the sake of friends and loved ones that this doesn’t go for more than a season.


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