Spring recipes and dining al fresco

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We’ve had such remarkably warm temperatures this spring, I’m ready to eat outdoors every meal, every day. Unfortunately, last weekend I was disappointed to discover we no longer have an outdoor table. It appears my Kmart-special plastic table that I’ve had for about ten years finally broke to pieces and the husband pitched it.

Not to be discouraged, I’m still focusing on spring recipes that will be great to eat outside despite my lack of a table. It looks like asparagus, strawberries, snap peas and snow peas are favorite ingredients this time of year. And the majority of spring recipes are about vegetables and salads which will fit perfectly with this awesome warm weather we’re having. I’ve also found some great avocados in the store this week.

Twice this week the husband and I grilled some vegetables and I tossed the leftovers over some lettuce with fresh tomato and my favorite dressing that isn’t really a dressing. There’s this awesome little surf shack in Satellite Beach, FL called Dakine Diego’s that sells it sauces and that is what I put on everything from plain old rice and beans to all my salads. I also add a dollop of sour cream.

Another salad I really like to make is baby spinach with strawberries and Italian dressing. Adding in crumbled feta or shredded Parmesan and maybe some black forest ham chopped up make this salad more like a meal.

I love to make tuna salad too. I mix a can or two of tuna with a little mayo and chopped dill pickles and add that to chopped lettuce with tomatoes and douse it with Italian dressing.

Speaking of the grilled veggies we did up a batch the evening I noticed we didn’t have the outdoor table anymore that turned out incredibly. I shopped up an onion, red pepper, some zucchini and a yellow squash and marinated the mixture with some balasmic vinegar, olive oil and soy sauce. Actually taking the time to chop and marinate ahead of time really infused the vegetables with great flavor from the vinegar and soy sauce.

Join me in celebrating spring and get out your salad spinners and get your grill pans ready for spring cooking and eating al fresco. I’m already enjoying it myself.

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