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I tried so hard to stay up late to watch the recent lunar eclipse, but just couldn’t do it on a work night. Then I heard about the April meteor showers, the Lyrids that happen between 4/16 and 4/25. I haven’t been able to stay up past my bedtime to see those either. Fortunately, all of my Facebook friends have posted so many pictures of both events that it was almost like I saw it live.

And that got me to thinking, what other cool apps might exist for enjoying stargazing.

Turns out my curiosity is shared by enough others that there are already some great lists of apps. Here is a compilation of what I found:

Great Tech for Stargazing

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Now I can’t wait for those long summer nights to take in all that the sky has to offer. Hopefully some of the major events happen on a weekend so I can stay up late enough to truly enjoy them.

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