Step Up Your Game: Strada Series Makeover Contest

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Sometimes we just need to hit the pause button, take a deep breath and ask: What in the world are you wearing?


We all have that friend – you know the one – they’re intelligent, fun, sociable and gracious, and they really have a lot going for them. But their look is a little … frumpy. Scrubby. In need of an upgrade.


Here’s where you come in.


Do you know someone who needs a makeover? Is their look holding them back? Do you want them to step up their game? Nominate your friend for OtterBox’s Strada Series Makeover Contest!


Submit a picture of your friend dressed in the best example of their … “style.” You can post your picture to Instagram or Twitter, just make sure to use #OtterBox and #OtterMakeover. The winner will receive a makeover – clothes, hair, the whole shebang – by some amazing stylists hand-picked by OtterBox.


Or: Nominate yourself! Does your look need an overhaul? Show us with a picture on Twitter or Instagram, use #OtterBox and #OtterMakeover for a chance to win!


Post your pictures by Sunday, July 26!


Check out the official terms and conditions here.



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