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We’ve been talking about Christmas quite a bit and for good reason … it’s almost here! If you’re anything like me, you’re nowhere near done with your shopping. You may have picked up a few large items but what about stocking stuffers? Chances are you’re in need of some guidance so here are 10 stocking stuffer ideas for you. The best part about these? They’re all under twenty bucks.

Scooter Pizza Cutter

You know how you always have to cut pizza twice to get a clean slice? Well, forget about it. Motorino Pizza Cutter’s got two blades and sweet 70s looks, so you can slice your pizza in true Italian style. Also features a working kickstand!

Paper Airplane Push Pins

Do you ever miss the days of paper airplanes and spit balls? Why does work have to be so serious?

It doesn’t. Paper Airplane Push Pins are the perfect mix of childish appeal and adult function.

Floppy Disk Coasters Brighten up your interior with nerdy nostalgia while protecting your computer desk or coffee table with this foursome of floppy disks! Crafted from soft silicone in bright hues of blue, red, yellow, and black, these coasters bring a ‘bit’ of old-school charm to any smart decorating scheme. They may not be capable of holding your music or photo library, but give this collection a spin as your geeky guests toss the twelve-sided die, and it’s sure to drive them wild!

X-Wing Ice Trays

The X-Wing Ice Tray creates ice or candies in the shape of X-Wing Fighters. Safe for melted chocolate, the fridge, or the freezer, this food-safe silicone tray can do it all. We’re pretty sure that Red Mama has made X-Wing chocolates to decorate Red Kiddo’s cake. Black frosting stains the teeth, but it’s worth it to have a cake that looks like a dogfight in space.

Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver It doesn’t really do all the cool things in the series (just in case the Cybermen are able to buy them), but it does have lights and sounds straight from the show — and it extends too! One end has a purple UV light and the other has a pen nib. You can use the regular pen nib to write shopping lists and the UV ink pen nib to write secret plans. These can then be revealed with the UV light of the Sonic Screwdriver. Equip up, Junior Time Lords — it’s time to go Dalek hunting.

Krazy Straws

Drink in style! Personalize these awesome crazy straws with any name you can think of … as long as it’s five letters or less (sorry Charlie).

Robot tea infuser

The robot shaped stainless steel tea infuser has adjustable arms to fit any size mug. Includes infuser tray that acts as a saucer when removed.

ScrewPop Screwdriver & Bottle Opener

The ScrewPop is a tiny and useful multi-tool for your keychain. Only a little bit wider than your average key, the ScrewPop is four tools in one. There’s your #2 Phillips and Flathead screwdrivers, a 1/4″ Hex Nut Driver, and like we mentioned, the part you’ll use most of all, the bottle opener. The best part about this multitool is that it doesn’t contain a blade, so you can bring it with you on an airplane without getting tackled by TSA agents. Unless you’re into that kind of thing.

iPhone Powered Personal Fan

This takes being a FanBoy to a whole new level. Make cooling yourself off a breeze with this very cool, super portable, personal fan. It uses minimal power to run and is compatible with all iPhones and iPod touch models. Just plug the fan into your phone’s charging dock and let the cool air lift your hair.

USB Hubdog

That’s it. It’s a USB hub … and it’s shaped like a dog.

The stocking can seem like an extra compared to all the big presents, but it’s truly where some of the best and favored gifts turn up. Have other ideas or suggestions? Please share them with us in the comments.

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