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The term “Summer Reading” can be interpreted two ways:  First, picture yourself on a beach, your toes in the sand-perhaps a margarita in your hand-languidly perusing your favorite novel. Or the newest thriller! Maybe that book you’ve waited all year to read, and summer finally provided you time. Second, picture yourself refreshed by the season, and ready to take on the next school year.  There’s a reading list for the coming semester you’ve been meaning to tackle, and it’s time to get crackin’!

In either instance, having all of the books you want and need in one place is important. With the development of eReaders and eReader apps, this is easy! Whether you prefer the Nook by Barnes and Noble, the Kindle by Amazon, or any of a variety of tablets, there’s an app out there that will keeping you reading all summer long.

Nook and Kindle

Since eReaders were first on the market, Barnes and Noble and Amazon began competing to develop the best family of readers. These include devices with eInk technology, so the screen is not backlit but appears as a paper-like page from a book, as well as more highly technologized tablets. Barnes and Noble now boasts a family of four, and Amazon a family of six. These devices range in price from $69-$399, depending on what features you want to carry along with your books.

Amazon and Barnes and Noble both developed apps to coincide with their devices, through which electronic books are sold and downloaded. These apps, then, can be utilized on Android and iOS phones and tablets. Both electronic books stores (via and have a huge selection of titles—classics, best sellers, new releases, and titles available only in eBook format.

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Apps for Every Reader

Though Kindle and Nook are the frontrunners in eReader app popularity, there are certainly other options. The following apps are all available for Android and iOS, and they’re all free!


You can make reading a social experience with Kobo’s reading app, which includes “Reading Life” and “Kobo Pulse.”  Herein you earn awards, track how long it takes you to read a book, and find out who in the Kobo Community is reading the same title (and discuss with them!). You can also post your activities on Facebook for your friends to like, comment on, and review.

Available for iOS and Android.


This is an unlimited, ever-growing library of free eBooks, which you can contribute to yourself! There are over ten million books and short stories available through this app, and it also connects you to your favorite writers. After reading, connecting, and checking for updates on a new title, you can also write and publish your own masterpiece; right here.

Available for iOS and Android.



With this app you can keep your reading-self organized. You keep track of what you want to read, organize you reading history by adding books to your shelves, find new titles by viewing what your friends are reading, and comment on their reviews.  This app also has a barcode scanner so that, while you’re at the bookstore, you can add titles to your wish list and find information on the title.

Available for iOS and Android.

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