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It’s been a frenzy of Broncos mania here in Colorado this fall. With the culmination of an amazing season taking place at the Super Bowl this weekend, it’s time to gather your neighbors and friends, don all your blue and orange and let the world stop while we root for the OtterBox Headquarters local team.

A big part of what makes a great gathering is the food. I’ve dug up some collections of great recipes to help you sort out your menu for the big day.

Super Bowl Food Recipes


Sliders are a current trendy thing that I just love. One of the local brew pubs has at least eight different sliders to choose from, and I love how I can select a variety when I place my order. These collections of slider recipes are incredible. Who knew there were so many different kinds?

  • •  Bon Appetit offers up 12 different options to tickle your fancy (Link)
  • •  Not much beats a Buzzfeed list, and this amazing Sliders for a Super Bowl Party doesn’t disappoint (Link)
  • •  If you are watching the calories and want to a lighter take on the slider craze, Cooking Light offers up this list (Link)


I’ve seen some really interesting popcorn recipes on a couple cooking shows lately that I really want to try. Especially those that have bacon in them. Here are some great options — both sweet and savory — to impress your crowd.

  • •  I’m having a hard time narrowing down which one I want to make from this 40 Perfect Popcorn Recipes list (Link)
  • •  This is the recipe I saw on TV last weekend when I was avoiding my chores (Link)
  • •  Here are another 25 Creative Homemade Popcorn recipes to choose from (Link)



Nothing satisfies like a plate of nachos. As I was digging around for recipes I came across some really interesting recipes that call themselves nachos.

  • •  All Recipes offers up more versions than I can get through during a football season (Link)
  • •  And the Cooking Channel delivers a great list of standard and creative variations on nachos (Link)


I think one of my favorite things about a party is the dips. It’s a total weakness of mine, and you’ll find me hovering over the snack table eating too much.

  • •  Real Simple has a great collection of Crowd Pleasing Dip Recipes (Link)
  • •  This list boasts 32 Unbelievably Good Dip Recipes that I agree with (Link)
  • •  Bon Appetit sorts out a great list of Super Bowl Dip Recipes (Link)

Best Superbowl Party Food App

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Broncos party theme

While searching around for ideas, I came across this link for a Broncos-themed Super Bowl party. She’s done all the hard work to think up orange and blue options that sound delicious.

The excitement for the big game is almost too much to take. I can’t wait for Sunday and completely blowing my diet by enjoying all of the great eats we’ll prepare. My favorite part of the Super Bowl is the commercials, but this year I’m excited to root for a team I like too. Go Broncos!!

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