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Hey Fellow Supermom, it’s me Susie! I know we started holiday planning weeks ago, and we’re on the top of our game…as usual. Did you hear the Today Show said just this morning if you’re starting to plan for the holidays today, you’re already late? Starting today? Ha! They know it’s Nov. 8, right? Who do they think we are, new moms?

In case you forgot, I’m here to help you make it through the holidays! Here are a few things we should start considering to get the Holidays off on the right foot this year:

  • Set a budget for the holiday season. Don’t forget to consider things other than gifts, like decorations, travel expenses, baking ingredients and wine … lots of red wine.
  • To help keep a close eye on your finances this holiday season, check out the iReconcile App.
  • Create a shopping list! And be sure to assign a maximum value you will spend per person on your list. Whoever said the naughty list didn’t exist apparently hasn’t come home to the babysitter tied up and covered in finger paint.
  • There are TONS of great holiday shopping apps out there, but we need one of Supermom caliber. Google Shopper is the BEST app out there to make holiday shopping easy with price comparisons and product reviews.
  • Save your receipts! With picky kids whose favorite toy changes on a weekly basis and shoe sizes that go up over night, you never know when you may need to return what you thought was “the best Christmas gift ever!”
  • For the easiest way to track receipts, check out the Shoeboxed Receipt Tracker and Receipt Reader app.

With these apps, and me of course, holiday season 2012 is going to be the best and most organized, yet! No need to thank me, just wrap me up in an OtterBox this Christmas!

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