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12/28/2012 – Protecting your tech investments and pretty cases 

We’ve spent lots of time together these past few weeks. I hope I’ve proved my worth and came in handy this holiday season. I wanted to remind you how important it is to protect me.

A smartphone is essential to a supermom’s daily life. It holds so much — photos, books, appointment reminders, birthdays, text messages, e-mails, etc. Protecting me is more than protecting your investment. It’s protecting your memories.

Plus, you invested hundreds of dollars in a smartphone, and we both know that your kids can be rough on me. Wrap me in an OtterBox so you can let your kids use me without worry.

OtterBox knows that one size doesn’t fit all, which is why they have created a dynamic product line with varying levels of protection. With tons of different case options, OtterBox makes it possible for your case to be an extension of your supermom style and personality.

Here are links to some of my favorite, supermom approved, cases from OtterBox:

  • Defender Series Studio Collection
    • With the Defender Series Studio Collection, you don’t have to compromise style and creativity for rugged, absolute protection. The Defender Series Studio Collection lets you have both! Check out the different ways to express (and protect) yourself with the Defender Series Studio Collection here.
  • Reflex Series for iPad
    • Your tablet is a go-to for road trips, recipes and fill-in babysitters. Keep it protected with the strong, yet sleek Reflex Series.
  • Didn’t find exactly what you were looking for? Check out all of the great cases at
    • Pssst: For a limited time you can build your own custom OtterBox Defender Series iPhone 4/4S case. Go ahead and get your color on here.

In case you didn’t get my hints before … WRAP ME IN AN OTTERBOX. You won’t regret it.

12/25/2012 – Merry Christmas!

We made it! The kids have unwrapped their gifts in record time and you can finally kick your feet up and relax. Dress me up in one of these wallpapers. It’s my gift to you … you deserve it. Merry Christmas.


12/23/2012 – Wine & spirit recommendations

Delicious holiday beverages, aka SuperMom fuel, are a must for upcoming holiday get-togethers, cookie decorating parties and time spent prepping for the big show. Plus, it’s the perfect time of year to have a drink at 11:30 a.m. without judgment.

The holidays aren’t complete without beverages, but — with so many option s— choosing the right ones can be exhausting. I’m here to help narrow down your options with some wine and spirit recommendations:

  • For those of us who like to enjoy drinks throughout the day, mimosas are a classic go-to to kick-start your holiday-filled day. If you’re looking for a twist on this classic, change up the traditional mimosa by replacing the orange juice with mango nectar or any other flavorful fruit nectar you can find! For more information, check out this wikiHow post on How to Make Mimosas with a Twist.
  • With countless variations and flavors, martinis are a fan favorite. Spice up your martinis with fun holiday flavors like eggnog, candy cane or hot chocolate. For a great selection of martini and other holiday cocktail recipes, check out the
  • You really can’t go wrong with wine. Even the most picky, careful and reserved of drinkers will enjoy a glass of wine. If choosing the right wine to pair with a certain dish or deciding how many bottles of red to buy versus white is overwhelming to you, check out this great Holiday Wine Problem Solver article in Food and Wine.

We both know good and well what can happen to me after two drinks in. So before you crack open that bottle, remember to wrap me in an OtterBox this Christmas.

12/20/2012 – Foodie tips for stocking the pantry for the holidays and cookie recipe

Seasoned supermoms know that planning ahead is life. But let’s be real — planning ahead can only go so far. Between sifting through recipes, checking items off your grocery lists and managing whining kids as you make your way down the aisles, it’s inevitable that you’ll forget something one of these days.

While we’re getting real, let’s go ahead and admit that midnight baking is in your blood. Check out this great post on theKitchn for Five Ways to Ready Your Pantry Now for Impromptu Holiday Baking that will help you be as prepared and stocked as possible for holiday baking.

Too drained to think of one more awesome thing to bake? No worries, Pinterest is a great go-to place for delicious baking recipes from simple to grand. Check out this awesome holiday cookie board for tons of cookie recipes and other fun treats.

Now let me be real — I’m not looking forward to powdered sugar fingers swiping all over my mid-section. Do us both a favor and wrap me in an OtterBox this Christmas.

12/13/2012 – Holiday fashion tips and trends

With holiday parties and middle school choir concerts in abundance, you have an excuse to treat yourself with an amped-up holiday wardrobe this season. I’m here to help you look your best without added fuss, fortune and time. Here are a few tips that will have all the moms asking where you shop.

  • Make accessories your best friends.
    • A big necklace or a fabulous infinite scarf can turn your outfit from ordinary to extraordinary in an instant. Francesca’s is the go-to accessories place for every event and every style.
  • Fashion doesn’t have to be daunting.
  • Don’t be afraid to stick with simplicity. Old Navy is a great place to find wardrobe basics at a price you will love. Use your new best friends, the accessories, to spice up your basics.
  • Over-sized sweaters.
  • Not only do these look great, they keep those holiday food babies covered.  Check out the great selection of sweaters from Eddie Bauer.
  • Simple shoes.
  • We both know you’re on your feet all day and can’t mess around with heels. We don’t risk a twisted ankle with only 12 days until the big show. Check out these chic flats from Ann Taylor that go effortlessly from running errands to evening cocktails.

Don’t forget to wrap your best accessory — me — in an OtterBox this Christmas!

Until next time,


12/6/2012 – Music to keep you sane

Let’s face it. If you hear “Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire” on the radio one more time, you’re gunna loose it. Who has time to think about roasting chestnuts over anything, let alone sing about it, with everything that needs to be done in the next 19 days? Luckily, I’ve got some great music apps that will help you stay sane.


Yes, Pandora has been around for a while … because it’s great. Pandora lets you create custom radio stations based on artists or a song. But the BEST thing about Pandora is that it is insanely good at playing music you want to hear (that has nothing to do with Glee’s or Justin Bieber’s Christmas albums).


This app is great because can you pick and choose not only certain songs you want to listen to and see what your friends are listening to, you can also choose full albums from your favorite artists. With options like these, you’re totally in control of what you’re listening to. No fear of a Christmas Song slipping in here.


Like Pandora, Songza is a music streaming app … but with a twist. This app matches up your current activities and preferences with handmade playlists by music experts and then plays songs that fit your mood or activity.  It’s seriously awesome, especially since it can tell when you’ve had enough of “All I Want for Christmas is You.”

Now make sure you wrap me in an OtterBox so you can diminish the fear of loosing me and  all of my non-Christmas music goodness.

11/26/2012 – Best online deals & free shipping finder

We shopped for 24 hours straight on Friday. How is it that you still have over 20 Christmas presents to buy? Let’s not stress just yet — we both know “panic” is not in our vocabulary. However, Cyber Monday is!

Here are a few websites that will help you find the best online deals and free shipping tools out there so we can cross every name off that Christmas list once and for all. And the best thing about Cyber Monday is that you can shop while simultaneously doing the six loads laundry that have been calling your name all weekend. God bless the Internet!

Think of these as a little gift from me to you. Wrap me in an OtterBox this Christmas and we’ll call it even.

11/22/2012 – Home spa treatments

A perfectly cooked turkey, a three-pound glistening ham and one tofurkey later, I’d say the Thanksgiving feast was a hit! There’s just a few hours left before we have to start the physical and mental preparation for Black Friday. What to do? Well, us Supermoms know that a well-relaxed shopper moves the swiftest, is the most agile and gets THE BEST deals.

Since spas cost money (money we’d rather spend on getting the best deals of the season) and time (time that has been strategically planned down to the minute since January 2012), here are a few great ideas for how to bring the spa right to your home:

• Whole Living’s At Home Spa Guide

• Shape’s Top Ten Do-it-Yourself Spa Treatments

• Marie Claire’s suggestions on the 4 Best At-Home Spa Products

Now, relax for a few — then it’s get back to business! And don’t forget to wrap me in an OtterBox this Christmas … who knows what kind of riot the crazies at Target will start this year. We both know you can’t afford for me to be a Black Friday casualty.

11/15/2012 – Susie’s meal and wine tips

Hey, it’s me again. Let’s cut-to-the-chase: Thanksgiving is seven days away, Black Friday is eight and Christmas Eve is 29. Us Supermoms know its crunch time, and there’s no room for mistakes. The Holiday’s are stressful enough without having to figure out what you’re going to cook to please a carnivorous brother-in-law, gluten-free sister and kids with a strict diet consisting of mac-n-cheese, how to show off your newfound wine knowledge to your cousin who lived in France and trying to keep your waist size in the range of the pants you own.

But (thanks to me) fear recipe disasters, off-kilter wine pairings and extra belt-notches no more!

Here are some great places to visit for meal and wine tips to impress all your guests’ pallets (including your mother-in-law) this year:

While I’m usually not a “quid pro quo” kinda gal, if you wrap me in an OtterBox this Christmas, I’ll fill you in on one of my best kept secrets in my next blog. Three words — home spa treatments.

11/8/2012 – Susie SuperMom can keep you organized

Hey Fellow Supermom, it’s me Susie! I know we started holiday planning weeks ago, and we’re on the top of our game…as usual. Did you hear the Today Show said just this morning if you’re starting to plan for the holidays today, you’re already late? Starting today? Ha! They know it’s Nov. 8, right? Who do they think we are, new moms?

In case you forgot, I’m here to help you make it through the holidays! Here are a few things we should start considering to get the Holidays off on the right foot this year:

  • Set a budget for the holiday season. Don’t forget to consider things other than gifts, like decorations, travel expenses, baking ingredients and wine … lots of red wine.
  • To help keep a close eye on your finances this holiday season, check out the iReconcile App.
  • Create a shopping list! And be sure to assign a maximum value you will spend per person on your list. Whoever said the naughty list didn’t exist apparently hasn’t come home to the babysitter tied up and covered in finger paint.
  • There are TONS of great holiday shopping apps out there, but we need one of Supermom caliber. Google Shopper is the BEST app out there to make holiday shopping easy with price comparisons and product reviews.
  • Save your receipts! With picky kids whose favorite toy changes on a weekly basis and shoe sizes that go up over night, you never know when you may need to return what you thought was “the best Christmas gift ever!”
  • For the easiest way to track receipts, check out the Shoeboxed Receipt Tracker and Receipt Reader app.

With these apps, and me of course, holiday season 2012 is going to be the best and most organized, yet! No need to thank me, just wrap me up in an OtterBox this Christmas!

11/1/2012 – It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s Super Mom!

Is it November already!? Crack open the $2 Chuck’s and let the holiday craziness begin! Hi, I’m Susie SuperMom, and there isn’t any Tickle Me Elmo, Wii or Barbie Dream House I haven’t raced my way through Target to have. And this year isn’t any different….Bring on the fifth annual Gingerbread House Decorating Competition, start the physical, mental and emotional preparation for Black Friday and pull out the “Holiday Pants” box out from storage (who in the heck has time to work-out during WWIII, I mean Holiday Season 2012?).

But fear long lines, recipe dilemmas for your sister’s newfound vegan lifestyle and holiday-related panic attacks no more! I’m here to keep you sane during the holidays with life changing apps, tips on how to stay organized and a good laugh along the way! Because all jokes aside, this really is the best time of year to celebrate with the ones you love and can’t live without. And since we both know you can’t live without me during the holidays, wrap me up in an OtterBox this Christmas!

Want to know some of my hobbies? Yes, I used to have some…

  • French braiding
  • Baking at 2:00 a.m.
  • Fitting size 7 feet into size 6 soccer cleats
  • Lattes (yes, they’ve become a hobby)
  • “Book Club” with the girls
  • Wine-thirty

If you want to subscribe to my holiday tips or to find out about some of my friends, head over to our home page!

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