Sweet and bitter delicacies for Valentine’s Day

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Some people love Valentine’s Day for the romantic indulgences it implies. Others despise the day and do everything they can to shun the romance. Whichever way you like to acknowledge the day, there are lots of awesome eats out there to indulge in — bitter and sweet.

Chocolates are a standard for the day. Given as gifts, shared with friends, consumed with wine at a candle-lit table, chocolate never disappoints and its meaning is never misconstrued. As one who loves chocolate I especially love a chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting, of course. But, have you ever tried a flourless chocolate cake? It is incredible! I think I’ll make one for the husband, kids and I to enjoy this year. I found this Flourless Chocolate Cake recipe on Epicurious.

On the bitter side of things, lemon comes to my mind first. And, I just love lemon desserts. A lemon chiffon cake or a lemon tart are just perfect for a bitter dessert that is also wonderful to consume. Another favorite of mine to make is key lime pie. It’s one of the easiest to make too, as long as you don’t consider juicing all of those teeny limes too much work.

In my search for more sweet recipes this one popped up and I’ll just have to try it: Alcoholic Hot Chocolate. How can that not make an evening romantic? This one sounds fun too, Devilish Angel Cake with Wine Soaked Berries.

From the sour side of the table how about Sour Cherry Pie? I like a good mix of tart and sweet and a huge dollop of whipped cream to make sure it’s sweet enough. You could just pick up some Sour Patch Kids too; those things are too sour for me.

The last recipe that I’m dying to try will fit either a Valentine lover or hater – apple pie with green chilis. I saw this made on a Diner’s Drive-Ins and Dives show and have been drooling over the idea of it since. Take your favorite apple pie recipe and add chopped green chilis to the apple mix and bake as usual. It might take a couple tries at this recipe to get the perfect spicy/sweet mix. I know my husband will want way more green chilis in the mix than I will so I’ll be seeking a happy medium. Oh and I’ll have to make some vanilla ice cream to go with it too.

These days I like to think of Valentine’s Day as a fun opportunity to make extravagant food with my husband and fun treats with my kids. It’s a family affair for me that I just love. A fancy gift would be lovely too, but I’m too practical to wish for shiny baubles.

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