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With South by Southwest just days away, what are you most excited to experience? World-class panels? Electrifying musicians? Industry-defying film techniques? The latest emerging technologies?

We’re excited to see it all. But if you twisted our arms to tell you the top-three things we are most excited about, they would probably be this (in no particular order):

  • SXSW Interactive Accelerator to learn about innovative advancements in web entertainment, mobile apps, social media and tons more
  • The new Start-Up Corner in the SXSW Trade Show to get our new product launch fix
  • Performances by Cold War Kids, Atlas Genius and the Yeah, Yeah Yeahs

We are also excited about a big addition to the OtterBox portfolio. A product so innovative, it has the power to create the most accurate, personalized power profile possible. Skeptical? Trust us, we heard it straight from the Otter’s mouth. And you better believe we’ll be at SXSW to show-off this new product.

Introducing OtterBox iON Intelligence — a power management app that estimates and predicts your battery power and battery time remaining by monitoring your device-usage habits. This app allows you to eliminate guesswork by intelligently predicting when your phone battery will run out.

Over time, iON Intelligence learns your power usage patterns to improve its accuracy. In other words, the more you use the app, the better it gets.

So what can you look forward to by visiting the OtterBox booth at South by Southwest this year do you ask? How does a digital map that locates OtterBox iON Intelligence charge-friendly businesses and mobile charging location where you can check in, charge up and receive a gift courtesy of OtterBox sound? Or what about a trivia game to test your battery power knowledge to find out how much power your GPS app really drains?

Join us at SXSW 2013 to learn about iON Intelligence or if you can’t make it to Austin, follow our daily coverage of SXSW on Planet Otterbox.

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