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Hipster beards and skinny jeans. Street art and indie films. Dancing crowds and catchy music. The 28th annual South by Southwest music festival was exploding with pop culture and style this year, and with our OtterBox advocates thrown into this whirlwind, we had one question for the attendees: What’s your style?

Symmetry Series at SXSW

Personal style is more than just that fabulous outfit you saved for a special occasion or the edgy bangs your hairdresser suggested – it’s a representation of your personality, an expression of your individuality and a statement of your authenticity. This became apparent as we approached people gathered on 6th Street in the heart of the festival to talk about how their phone reflects their personal style, and offered mobile makeovers with our new Symmetry Series phone cases.

From the vibrant, colorful woman with the studded leather jacket and bright red nails, to the chill, happy-go-lucky guy with headphones and a graphic tee, they all agreed that Symmetry Series cases have the style you want and the protection you need.

Win a $2,500 shopping spree from OtterBox

If you missed South by Southwest, don’t worry; the fun doesn’t end with the music festival. Fashion-lovers and style-enthusiasts still have the chance to win a $2,500 shopping spree with a personal shopper by entering online.

With OtterBox offering opportunities to help build your wardrobe and make a statement, take a moment today and ask yourself- what’s my style?

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