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Back to School with the Best Tech

It feels like it was only a few weeks ago that summer just begun. Yet […]


Wearable Tech – The Future of Your Devices

Wearable computing. The latest buzzword from the media machine responsible for hits like “the cloud,” […]


Apple WWDC Conference – But Wait, There’s More!

As you probably know, Apple announced a little somethin’ somethin’ last week called iOS 7, […]


The world in the palm of your hand

If you haven’t tried Google’s “tour guide” feature yet then take a break from whatever […]


The Year of the Tablet

Say hello to my little friend: Mobile to rule 2013

I was going to start off my very first Planet Otterbox post with a carefully […]


Small device, huge news! The iPad mini

The wait is over! Today Apple announced the new iPad mini and it looks great! […]


Your favorite operating system updates

Android: Jelly Bean This operating system (OS) update is brought to you by the letter […]


The sweet iLife from Apple

iLife Suite for iOS is finally complete! Apple recently introduced iPhoto to our beloved iPhones […]