Food posts

Dressing up the food for Halloween, too

I set out to make a list of cool Halloween eats, but there are a […]


‘Tis the season to enjoy eating orange things

  Alrighty, it’s that time of year again, the rapidly accelerating downward spiral to eating […]


Eat better! Apps for healthy dining

Fall is in full swing and that means one thing. Home hibernation. This is the […]


Southwestern Jambalaya

The other night we didn’t really know what to make for dinner, but something soup-like […]


You’ve got to try this – Chili Cheese Bread

We’ve had such an incredibly hot spring and summer that it’s been many, many months […]


Tailgating eats

  Tailgates are so much fun! Like I was telling the crowd at work it’s […]


It’s PB&J time again

My kids are heading back to school next week which means I need to get […]


College Cuisine

Oh the joys of dorm life. Or life with roommates. Sharing tiny spaces and lacking […]