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HTC One Father’s Day Giveaway

Father’s Day is a day set aside so we can reflect on how awesome our […]


HTC One Instagram Dance Contest

The new HTC One is now available, and we love this phone! With Zoe, Blink […]


Samsung Galaxy S4, is it the right phone for you?

Back in mid-to-late 2010, Samsung was just starting to make its presence known in the […]


The #1 App could be your mobile home.

Would it surprise you to know that one app holds the title as the most […]


HTC ONE….of a Kind

It’s that day you’ve been waiting for; the day your wireless contract ends, and you get to […]


Android in 2013: Five Devices to Watch For in the Coming Months

With Mobile World Congress fading in our taillights and CES 2013 nothing more than a […]


You can trust the internet…Meet the HTC ONE

Well, we’ve learned we CAN trust the Internet, at least when it comes to rumors about new […]


Internet speculation says a new ONE is coming

Rumors say that HTC is welcoming a new member to their family of smartphones and […]