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So why haven’t you tried Yoga?

A lot of people know me around OtterBox as the yoga girl. I volunteer to teach […]


Summer: Sounds like…

  Summer is getting closer every day, and the weather is making it harder and […]


OtterBox Goes to the Movies: Cabin in the Woods

Go see Cabin in the Woods right now. That is all. I don’t say that […]


Looking Beyond the Horizon of Physical Fitness

The other night as I sat riding my spin bike, I began to think about […]


Music, Film and Interactive Apps for SXSW

In just over a week, we will be heading down to Austin, TX for this […]


Love and Loneliness – Top Valentines Apps

Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching and some of you out there may need a little […]


Apple TV with Fries

This week I was watching ‘America: The story of Us’(Great miniseries btw) on Netflix via […]


The 20 Best Apps of 2011

There are literally hundreds of thousands of smartphone apps available across the marketplaces. 2011 saw […]