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Small device, huge news! The iPad mini

The wait is over! Today Apple announced the new iPad mini and it looks great! […]


A mini or not, that is the question.

Today Apple announced that they have scheduled an event for Oct. 23 and the assumption […]


Rumor squashed – No invitations from Apple

It’s a sad day in the world of iPad mini buzz. Rumors that Apple would […]


Functionality & Education of the iPhone 5

The classroom of the future is here. Move over blackboards and $200.00 textbooks that weigh […]


The iPad mini might be coming soon!

This one is going to be short and sweet. There haven’t been many rumors but […]


5 versus III

Are you ready for an upgrade? Two amazing devices have launched in the past few […]


The iPad mini – Is this it?

Despite the big iPhone 5 launch, rumors are still flying around about the much anticipated […]


The iPhone 5 camp out – Mission complete

As the excitement starts to wear down here in Manhattan, NY our Otters are saddened […]