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5 Fun Winter Activities for Kids

We’re almost there. Almost through the most bitter cold month of the year. And boy […]


Baby Tech You Don’t Really Want, But You Need

With each year, we see a fresh batch of the latest and greatest technology with […]


Holiday Do’s and Don’ts

Ahh the holiday season – so much to do, so much fun to be had […]


Back-to-School Shopping List Essentials

I was a weird kid. Contrary to the dreaded feeling most kids get when August […]


Pack2School 2013: The Best Event of the School Year

As summer vacation draws to a close, the excitement of heading back to school begins […]


It’s Spring Break … What on Earth do I do With My Kids?

Imagine, for a moment, the disappointment that envelops your wee ones’ crushed spirit when they […]


Lesson Learned-Tales of phone disasters- Guest Blog

I’m hard on my phones. Way back in 1994 when I got my first cell […]


Why I love my Defender Series- Guest Post

Our family only recently joined the modern technological age, when we got our first iPhone, […]