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#ThrowbackThursday — My First iPod

My first portable music player was a Walkman. To be honest, it was a Walkman […]


Extend Your Battery Life –- How Long Can You Go?

“Phone dead, TTYL.” That last frantic text that goes out right before your phone dies. […]


Samsung Galaxy S5 – What’s New and Different

This week at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Spain, Samsung unveiled a slew of […]


It Kind of Has a Ring to it — The Smarty Ring

With technology changing as fast as it does, it’s sometimes hard to keep up. The […]


One week with the iPhone 5s

I’ve done it. I spent an entire week with Apple’s new iPhone 5s without dropping […]


Which Kindle Fire should I spoil my kids with?

I’m going to give in and get the kids electronics for Christmas. I’ve decided a […]


Five of the coolest things you can do with Google Search Voice Actions

  If you have a modern Android smartphone, then you no doubt have quick access […]


Samsung GALAXY Gear – review of this powerful smartwatch

The Galaxy Gear is Samsung’s first venture into smartwatch territory, and as with most things […]