Testimonial posts

100 Foot Fall– Real People, Real OtterBox Stories

  On 3/17/2014, I was out traditional climbing a slab at Grey Rock in the […]


One Tough OtterBox- Real OtterBox Stories

How tough is an OtterBox? At the start of this year (2014) I was riding […]


OtterBox Survives Heavy Equipment- Real OtterBox Stories

The reason I am contacting you isn’t to ask you for anything, I sincerely want […]


Commuter Series Survives Ostrich Engagement

The Natural Caves Wildlife Ranch near San Antonio, Texas has some rather engaging ostriches. One […]


Five Story Fall- Real OtterBox Stories

“So one day I was having a bad day at work and moving a little […]


One Tough Otter – Real OtterBox Stories

  “I am in the U.S. Marine Corps and my belongings routinely go through quite […]


How OtterBox Protects Against a Chainsaw

Over the weekend I was cutting trails through some thick brush with a chainsaw. I […]


OtterBox Saved My Father’s Life

“On October 1 of last year, my father was hiking into Box Canyon in Idaho […]