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Ever experience a panic attack when you can’t find your keys or your phone? My items love to play a frustrating game of hide and seek with me every time I need to go somewhere. Finally enough was enough — I needed technology to fix this never-ending dilemma. If you’re like me and can never find your belongings when you need to, we have some useful technology to keep tabs on your stuff so you don’t have to:



Tile is a Bluetooth-enabled keychain device that attaches to your keys — or any other device you don’t want to lose. It connects with an app for your mobile device, which supports up to 8 Tiles at a time. The app records the last place your phone saw your tile and casts a Bluetooth signal up to 100 feet. As the Bluetooth signal draws you closer to your lost item, Tile has a distinctive melody that plays until you and your lost item are reunited.


Stick N Find

About the size of a quarter, StickNFind stickers are stuck on all of your valuables. These also connect to a mobile app, allowing you to create a “virtual leash” on a sticker. If that sticker moves further away than a selected distance your phone alerts you.


Cobra Tag

Cobra Tag uses Bluetooth technology to create a two-way separation alarm between your smartphone and your valuables. When the connection is broken, your phone and the Cobra Tag start ringing to warn you that something was left behind. The app sends a link to map the location where you misplaced your belongings.



Similar to the previous devices, the Zoom Wireless Leash helps you find anything you left behind through a Bluetooth signal. What makes this one stand out is that it also works as a wireless Bluetooth speaker for answering calls. Zoom’s intuitive design allows for easy connection and hassle-free tracking — finding your stuff is only a button push away.



With over $1 million raised on the crowdfunding site Indiegogo, TrackR is quickly becoming a household name in tracking technology. Featuring a beautiful anodized aluminum design, it attaches to anything you want to track — your phone, your keys and even your pets. Along with a distance indicator, item ringer, phone finder and a two-way separation alert, it also includes a Crowd GPS function. This technology allows users to locate their items using a large interconnected network of other users.


Bizzby Drones

 Bizzby Sky is a revolutionary, mobile-first, on-demand drone delivery service. In other words: drones on demand. Request a drone with the Bizzby app, and a drone carries small items you want to send to another person within a given range. On-board cameras capture live footage, which are viewable on the app. The drones are also equipped with real-time sensors that monitor surroundings, avoiding collisions, keeping your items safe. While this technology is not available quite yet, it’s something to look forward to in the near future.



 Locca products give you exact, pinpoint locations for whatever you connect the device to. Locate belongings, people, and your pets through GPS on the mobile app. The company also offers “Locca Solutions” — supplementary accessories to optimize Locca use.


Pixie Point

 Pixie Points is the only tracking technology that uses a camera to help pinpoint the precise location of your devices. When you can’t find your valuables, your phone’s camera — along with the Pixie App — becomes a treasure map, where “X” marks the spot of your lost item. The camera reveals the location of any object with a Pixie, even through walls. Also create digital kits with checklists and receive a notification when something is not where it’s supposed to be.



While you may lose your device sometimes, always be sure it’s protected with a case from!





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