Technology Secrets to Help You Stick to a Fitness Lifestyle

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“Strong is the new skinny” seems to be the latest trend for women. My Instagram feed is now packed with trending “swellfies” (taking flexing pictures during or after getting “swole” at the gym), my Twitter feed is overflowing with motivational health quotes and recipes and my Pinterest feed is often fitness related.

After all, the workout doesn’t count if you didn’t post incessantly about it, right?

With a newfound muscle-loving mentality and increased popularity in activities such as CrossFit, it’s no surprise that this lifestyle has become such a popular trend. Admittedly, my passion for a healthy regime over the past few years may have been influenced by this fit-crazy hype.

However, if you’re anything like me, the winter blues and long work hours have slowed down your overly-ambitious New Year’s Resolution to stay active. Thankfully, there are several simple steps to help keep you prepared and productive as spring approaches.

The secret to a successful and systematic fitness schedule when you’re constantly on-the-go? Technology organization.

Make every minute count

As obvious as it may sound, utilizing your smartphone to help keep you on track is a must (after all, it’s called a smartphone for a reason). When you fill out your schedule for tomorrow, be sure to include that 15 minute walk to the grocery store.

Also, make a point to check out Forbes’ recommended 9 best to-do list apps to help remind you of today’s tasks, and our best fitness apps to help you make healthy and active choices in the face of your late-night chocolate cravings and Netflix temptations.


Be Prepared

Between your business meeting and your yoga session, it seems you’re always tossing your daily essentials from purse to workout bag. Juggling your phone, wallet and keys can be an irritating bother, which is why the OtterBox Commuter Series Wallet can alleviate some of that hassle.

This protective smartphone case has a sleek and impressive built-in wallet design so that your ID, credit card and cash are always in hand. Not only does the Commuter Series Wallet offer quick access to money for snack emergencies, but it protects your phone from accidental drops on a bumpy bike ride or clumsy rock climb, making this case an essential purchase for active outdoor lovers.

With technology on your side, the struggle to get rid of your winter slump and prepare for spring weather activities can be an easy transition.

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