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Whether it is cleaning out the attic, dumping old unwanted furniture or just cleaning out your wardrobe, a spring clean can do us all the world of good. So why stop there? Cleaning can also transfer to your technology and here are a few tips on how to clear out your digital junk this springtime.

Delete Old Files

Have you been through your documents folder on your PC, laptop or tablet recently and noticed that you don’t know what half of the files even are? It’s time to give that folder a good clean out. Delete all the old files that are no longer of any use to you. This will free up memory space for new data and files for the rest of the year. While cleaning out your files remember to back up any important documents on to a memory stick or back up program such as iCloud or DropBox.

Contacts Lists

Take a look at your contacts in your mobile phone book. If there are a few names that don’t ring a bell it’s time to delete and clear these out, freeing up more space on your device for those friends who are due a call! The same can be done with your social networking accounts. Let’s face it how many of us are actually friends with all of our ‘friends’ on Facebook? Exactly! Get deleting here too or at least unsubscribe from certain posts to reduce clutter on your news feed, saving you both time and headspace!

Download Photos and Videos

Save photos and videos from your camera or phone onto your hard drive, deleting them from your device. Once here you can organize them into folders and delete the photos and videos you don’t want to keep. Then make sure to back these up by saving them onto a USB stick or on to free programs like Apple’s iPhoto & Google Drive or paid options like Zenfolio. You can then go back and delete the photos and videos you have just downloaded from your camera or phone, freeing up memory space so you can be snap happy again!

Get Rid of Old Devices

This does not mean throw them in the nearest rubbish bin! There are plenty of great ways to sell, recycle or donate your old devices. To make a bit of cash why not try to sell your unwanted device on Done Deal, Gazelle or eBay. If you’re not having much luck there you can always recycle your device. Lots of organisations accept mobile phones and printer cartridges which they recycle and then donate the money from this to charity.  Some organisations accept old PCs and laptops which they wipe clean of data and then use as educational tools in schools. For example, Camara  sets up old computers as Learning Centers in schools in Africa and Ireland.

So instead of just cleaning out the garage this March why not clean out your devices as well. This will help to free up memory and keep things organised… for another year at least!


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