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The plan is simple, meat + smoke = amazing barbecue. In my mind nothing could be better this summer than to DIY a meat smoker. Every weekend is an opportunity to hone the craft and build the knowledge needed to create smoked, melt–in—your-mouth, finger–licking, delicious barbecued meats.

What I have in mind is a cross between Joe Dirt and MacGyver. Both characters possess an on-the-fly, outside-the-box creativity in a mildly offbeat manner I have learned from. These guys use the tools at their fingertips and embody the wits to do what needs to be done. No flowing mullet here. The scent of singed hair should never accompany your barbecue. Sorry UDSers, this post involves an earthen container. Here is the project: Terracotta Pot Smoker.

The list of what you need varies between your sources but basically requires:

  • Hot Plate
  • (2) 18” Terracotta Pots
  • Wood, Rocks, Or Heavy Duty Pan
  • Grate
  • Grill
  • Thermometer

Bonus points:

  • Alton Brown is dedicated to this topic (Short on time? Go to 10:15 of his video)
  • I’d recommend a digital thermometer, which has a probe you can stick in the meat
  • Heavy-duty heat resistant gloves to pull the lid off

Yes, there is another way to build this smoker I’d like to highlight Dave Naffziger’s Blog also

does a fine job explaining the details, parts list and mods you should read about.

Build your smoker, load in the meat, keep it between 210 and 220 for 10 hours then enjoy,


My inspirations for this story include: Alton Brown, my friend Tim, a multitude of bloggers, do-it-yourselfers and BBQ aficionados from every state in the union.

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