180 foot drop

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I’m a construction tower crane operator and my job is anywhere from 100 to 400 ft In the sky, We build sky scrapers.
This particular morning I left my iPhone in my truck and my boss was kind enough to go and get it for me. The crane I’m in on this job is 200ft tall so I really didn’t want to climb down to go get my phone. We either pull our lunch, tools or what ever we need up here ( my phone) with a rope or put it directly on the hook in a small 5 gal bucket. 1 was on the 9th section of the crane, each tower section is about 20 foot tall, so that’s why i know i was 180 feet in the air. While I was reaching for the bucket that was on my hook, it was like tipping back and forth in the wind and it flipped all the way upside down and threw my phone right out the bucket. All I could do as i watched it go down, was think about the expense of replacing my phone and case ( OtterBox Defender). I watched as it bounced off a whole pallet of plywood, then a pile of 2×4 & 4x4s then land in the dirt pile from some excavating that was done earlier. Had a guy on the ground put it back in the bucket and secure it this time. Well long story but I tell you what I just wrote it on My iPhone. By the way not even a scratch on the OtterBox just a little dust thanks OtterBox your # 1 ottermazing in my book.
Omero Cortez
tower crane operator