6th floor elevator shaft drop

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Below is the story of a long and drawn out process of how Otterbox saved me SOOOOOO much money, saved my phone, and ultimately my happiness. I cant thank you enough, 6 floors 3 parking levels and not only does it work but there is NOT A SCRATCH ON IT! I will always have your back Otterbox. EVERYONE should have one!

To answer your first question: I dont know how it happened… I dropped my phone and that tiny little crack swallowed it whole.

To answer your second question: YES it actually did fit. Surprising, I know

And your third: From the 6th floor. Yes I know, this is when you grimace and suggest that it is probably doomed.

Anyways I ran home, dropped my stuff and ran down to the concierge, full of conviction that they would instantly be able to retrieve it out. #notthecase.
“The elevator people are on strike indefinately, you WILL NEVER GET IT BACK!!” (in a monster voice) “AND EVEN IF YOU DO! ITS PROBABLY BROKEN!!!!!”
Well so you see, as I am on call for my job I spent the next little bit being glued to my room-mate and her phone, or my mother and hers, or my computer and my email… Let me tell you…not overly effective. Although my previous phone was dropped in the toilet so not an option either. I was…how do you say #outofluck.

At one point I was using my mothers very old flip phone… I dont want to talk about it.

Day 42 of Captivity.
A light at the end of the tunnel. Elevator people are off strike. However there is a back log like you wouldnt believe and I have to pay $300.00 to ask them to come get my phone… Light is distinguished.

Day 52 of Captivity.
Home from a split. Total of 1 hour sleep and way too much work, walking shadow in a relatively fowl mood. When I pass by a group of concierge people, clearly working very hard.

“you tell her”
“no you tell her”
“I want to tell her”


“ok the elevator technician is here today and he will get your phone out of the elevator for $40.00”

(at this point I would put a smiley, but there is no emoticon that would give justice to the excitement I was feeling so this will have to suffice)


That everyone everywhere should own an OtterBox, because
a)even if you arent clumsy, you never know.
b)Not only did my phone work after plummeting a total of 9 stories, but there was literally NOT A SCRATCH
c) they come in cool colours

Well The rest is history. Iphone and I have been reunited at last.

and from now on I take the stairs.