A Commercial Suggestion Based on A True Story

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I am writing in regards to an incident that happened last night that would make a great commercial for OtterBox.

 After walking my big dog down a dirt farm road, I laid my cellphone on the front hood of my Honda Pilot (I have never done that before) so I could load him up. We had driven about a mile down the paved road and were headed home, when I saw the iPhone fly off and bounce several times out my rear view mirror at 55mph!!!

 My heart sunk.

 We did a u-turn and as I drove with the headlights on, my husband walked the edge of the road looking in the ditch.

We found it laying on the pavement…INTACT AND IT STILL WORKS PERFECTLY. Not a crack or dent or scratch!!!

I have put this story on Facebook!

A loyal OtterBox fan,

Tina Pattengill