A Real Defender

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Monday, July 22, 2013, I experienced life as an adult. When you come into the world as a newborn, you open your eyes and see things new to you for the first time.

My rebirth happened when my 2005 Suzuki GXSR 1000 smashed into the side of a 1998 Dodge Ram. It wasn’t a battle of wits. It was more like JokiE Smurf vs Godzilla.

The bike “Ana,” and I were slammed to the ground, tumbled and sucked under the truck’s rear wheel. I landed cross ways on the median. When I opened my eyes and saw the sky again for the first time, I reached for my Samsung GS3 and found it was no where near me.Witnesses hurried to my aid and at some point brought me my phone when a Facebook alert sounded off. I asked if my phone still worked and the kind gentlemen told me it was fine. We called family to bring them up to speed and three days later I am using the same device to type this testimony.

The holster didn’t make it. It was caught between Ana and the big truck. Ana was totaled, but I walked out of the ER on my own, slowly, at 3:30 pm that same day.

If the Defender can take on a Ram Truck, it can handle anything you throw its way. Thank you Otter Box!