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Silver Dollar City, Branson MO. New roller coaster. Needless to say, they really meant it when they said “all loose items must be either secured or put in storage area.” Pulling in to the coaster house I hear the man behind me say “man did you see that piece of paper fly away?!” I panicked, my phone case was white. At this point I’m patting my pockets down like a man woman. I step off the coaster, hyperventilating, realizing the consequences. My father was not a happy camper after I told him what had just happened. So a few lost and found forms later, along with a 4 hour drive home, I had no hope to ever find my phone again. It was probably shattered and water damaged, I told myself. But alas a few weeks later we get a phone call that they had found my phone and they put it in the mail. The phone was barely bent on the top, no cracks, no water damage, and it turns on! After charging for a few hours everything worked properly! I owe most of this to OtterBox! So, thank you!!